Product Diversion

What Is Product Diversion?

What You Need to Know and My Commitment to You

What Is Product Diversion?

In the beauty industry, diversion is the sale of professional products outside of their normal channels of distribution, otherwise known as a “grey” markets.

Why Is This A Problem?

Do you really know if the products you are purchasing from “unauthorized retailers” are the real thing? These highly discounted products may be close to expiring, expired, or have been exposed to extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest people selling inferior products to cash in on those looking for a discount. It’s pretty scary to risk your precious skin like this, but… bargain shoppers don’t always think past a “better” deal.

My Commitment To You

I have spent 15+ years testing many skincare products and bring you what I feel to be exceptional for the best results possible. I only purchase what is sold at Exfolē8 directly from the manufacturers on a very regular basis so they are as fresh as possible. Client satisfaction is important to me and if you ever have an issue with a product purchased from Exfolē8, I will work with you to make it right. I do my best to oer incentives and go above and beyond for you and your skin. I am happy to oer you a convenient way to restock your skincare products with an online store. You are also welcome to schedule a complimentary follow-up consultation appointment to adjust your at home routine if necessary.

If You Purchase Elsewhere

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give you the same support as those who purchase their skincare products from Exfolē8. Thank you for your business and especially for understanding. I only have your best interest at heart!

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