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Hi! I’m Dayna

skin therapist (n.) An educated licensed professional trained to read your skin’s past, treat your skin’s present, and guide you to a healthy skin future.

Dayna DeLaurentis, LE

I believe that healthy skin is not only what you put on it topically but a reflection of what you put in the body.   After all, it is the only two sided organ.  After a comprehensive analysis, I will customize a holistic treatment plan to nourish your skin and bring out its full potential. Looking at the body as a whole, I have the ability to recognize underlying issues that may be compromising healthy skin.  My goal is to deliver radiant skin by educating the client on proper skin care.

While it’s hard to believe, it’s been 20+ years since I obtained my Esthetic’s license.  In my career, I have worked at prestigious hotels and clubs, a physician’s office and owned a full service day spa, all the while, gaining a wealth of experience and continuing on with my education.  Overtime, I began to realize that there was something missing in the marketplace.  I felt larger commercial spas did not cater to each client’s specific needs.  I felt the need to create a place where I could put my own tailored approach into practice and I opened a full service day spa.  The full service spa was open for 8 years, we offered skin care, waxing, nails, body treatments and massage.  During that time, I lost sight of my passion and decided it was time to go back to my true devotion and focus on the beautiful world of Esthetics and that is what you’ll find here at Exfolē8, A Specialty Spa.

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While I was reinventing myself, I was introduced to holistic skin care through Osmosis Beauty.  A holistic wellness approach teaches us that the body needs to be balanced to have beautiful skin.  There are five aspects to holistic health:  physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental.  Now, it all makes sense.  The wellness and holistic approach is treating the root cause of any skin condition.  I treat skin conditions at the source and use state of the art technology, TAMA Micro-Current Gen II and LightStim LED.  In 2018, I was introduced to DMK.  DMK utilizes a revolutionary concept that uses principals of biochemistry to treat skin conditions through skin revision.  In May of 2019, I received the highest certification of DMK paramedical licensing. I am proud to say, I am the first DMK paramedical clinic in Illinois.  To expand upon the Holistic concept, I am currently enrolled in an on-going educational platform to receive an official Holistic training certification.  I enjoy working together with a client in creating beautiful skin, finding what works best for them and giving my clients the knowledge to integrate what we have done at the spa into their daily routine.  No two individuals are the same.  There is great satisfaction in seeing how the right combination can result in great skin and increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence level.  It is my commitment to stay in tune with current and future trends in the industry.  I have devoted my career to continuous education, reading, observing and practicing techniques that all of my clients will benefit from. I also engage and bond with fellow established industry leaders and share methods that will assure client satisfaction.

While customizing facials is a specialty, I also excel at face and body waxing and can do a 15 minute Brazilian. I enjoy educating and explaining to clients how and why the skin reacts from inflammation, why people should use specific ingredients for different results and what happens as we age. As a wife and mother, I understand the demands of everyday life and my goal is for each client is to have the best experience, whether they are at Exfolē8 for 15 or 55 minutes.  In this crazy, busy world, it’s so important to take a little time for yourself without feeling guilty!

Please join me at Exfolē8, A Specialty Skincare Clinic, where I provide the best facials in Chicago that are customized skin care treatments.   Premium product lines with a holistic approach are waiting for you.   Allow me to reveal your inner glow through a skin revision program,  micro-current treatments along with the best waxing in Chicago.  I know you’ll appreciate our unparalleled customer service and specialized attention to your skin’s beauty, health and wellness.